The Story

Each dream starts with a story. Invest in those dreams of creating new businesses, teaching, and inspiring the world. Let's turn childhood dreams into reality !

"Once upon a time, there was a little girl who grew up in the care of her grandparents. They owned and operated a small garment sewing factory. Employees made her beautiful dresses to wear. The smell of fabric, the counting of zippers, the sound of sewing machines, the flipping of pockets, and more! It was the happiest little moments ever. 

One day, the joy of playing in the garment sewing factory disappeared. The business was sold. That little girl was moved around to different homes several times a year. She stopped sketching. She started wondering about her financial path, how to afford for college, pay for health insurance, and where she would live someday.

Decades passed. Instead, she was on a mission and journey to focus on what was most important in life. This girl began investing in herself and started drawing again. She created "Meriloo" to help inspire the world. Placing smiles for people to wear, passing on fashion bargains, and reinvesting into good causes became the most joyful experiences. With open desires, dedication, and taking action, everything in life can be achieved. Work on what you love, love what you do, and do what you truly believe in. Never stop dreaming for happier and healthier days! The music starts playing again." 


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